Helios D'Andrea

A new way to write music


Helios D'Andrea was born in Brazil to St. Paulo in the 1959. He began to study the piano and the composition from four years. His first teacher stayed the Italian father organist and chorus conductor. In Switzerland to Geneva Helios D'Andrea continued the musical studies, piano, choral song (Dalcroze method) under the guide of Cécile Perrin-Loretti, ex-pupil of Marguerite Long. In the course of those years from the 1965 at 1969, he played the piano to the Theater of the Athenaeum and he has invited to the Radio Suisse Romande. Besides he got each year the first absolute prize to the examination final organised from the Association Artists Musicians from Geneva. He performed on the cruise ships meeting the pianist and composer Maria Sangiuolo De Alfaro; who listened him, she flattered and she devoted to him a her composition " Nostalgia". In Brazil to the Records Radio of St. Paulo, he performed in a short concert dedicated of Mendelssohn, Chopin, Debussy and improvisations. At first time, in Italy he studied piano with Lucia Passaglia and composition. Then he got a diploma with Paolo Di Monte with brilliant result. He improved to Geneva with theacher Nikita Magaloff playing in concert with compositions of Schumann, Rachmaninov Piano Concert n°1 and the studies for the left hand of Moszkowski. He participated to many national and international contests achieving numerous prizes. To the Contest of Castelfidardo (Italy) gets the prize like better soloists pianist. Besides guest has stayed the Manoel Theatre of La Valletta (Malta). His compositions have been performed and recorded on Cd to the Filarmonica Academy from Bologna (Alfeo Gigli), to Rai Radio, Raisat. He performed in many cities: theaters of Barcellona (Spain), Geneva, Lucca, Pisa, Cesena, Barberini Room from Rome, Barattelli Society (S. Biagio Church) from Aquila, Atri, Lanciano etc.He has achieved the prize for the artist musician from the Magazine literary Controvento of Trento, collaborating in duo with clarinettists, violinists and saxophonists beyond that with lyric singers. He has gotten recognitions for artistic worth to the National Contest of Composition of Savona and Contest International Zoltan Kodaly of Budapest with the "Requiem for the sun" for soloists, choir, organ and symphonic orchestra. He has conducted his composition for piano and orchestra " Fantasia". Author of publications, graduate in languages French and Portuguese literatures, he recorded Cd for Agenda, Master Vision, Digital Studio 2000 and broadcast (Radio Rai ). He took a great interest in electronics music he also participated to a jazz festival, wining fair success. In the 1995 to the Chigiana Academy of Siena he attended the courses of Ennio Morricone and Paul Badura- Skoda. The favourable review on his activity was published to Memingen (Germany). He teaches piano accompaniment at the State Conservatory of Music "Luisa D'Annunzio" of Pescara (Italy).